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Welcome to the Robolink community! This is where you can talk with other users, ask questions to Robolink, connect with other educators and young roboticists, or just share cool things you're working on.

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  • A place for info about Robolink news and happenings. If you're hosting a Robolink-related event, feel free to post here as well.

  • First time members, please introduce yourself! Where are you? Why do you love robotics? How can we help you?

  • A place to talk about whatever you want, including telling stories, cracking jokes, and showing off your latest pet project

  • If you're part of a school, makerspace, STEM lab, library, after school program, homeschooler, just love teaching kids, this area's for you!

  • All things related to CoDrone Mini

    CoDrone Mini Troubleshooting
  • All things related to CoDrone Lite or Pro

    CoDrone Troubleshooting
  • All things related to Rokit Smart

    Rokit Smart Troubleshooting
  • Brimming with glee, boiling with rage, or had an epiphany recently? We're here to listen.

  • All things related to Zumi

    Zumi Troubleshooting