• RE: Codrone pro extention

    @lisaloomh ,
    Thanks for your questions!
    CoDrone is equipped with an accelerometer, barometer, optical flow sensor, and more. It can be programmed to fly autonomously or with remote control. However, the front IR transmitter and receiver on the CoDrone can only send and receive messages and will not detect obstacles. For autonomous flight, you can program a flight pattern in our Snap! block program, Arduino, or Python. There is an optical flow sensor onboard that you can use to estimate position and displacement from the origin. As for the battery, flight time is limited to keep the drone small and lightweight. If you want to upgrade, we currently do not offer support for adding extra sensors but here are some links that may be helpful on the technical specifications:

    • This lesson briefly goes over all of the components and assembling CoDrone Pro
    • For technical specifications on the SmartInventor Board and Bluetooth communication, check this documentation site
    • Here is a function guide with code examples for requesting sensor data

    • If the above links did not answer any your questions you may refer to ByRobot's documentation

    Let me know if you have any more questions!

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  • RE: Starting small

    Hi @wes1696 ,
    Great to hear that your daughter is enjoying CoDrone! Currently we do not sell the remote separately but I will forward your info and someone will get back to you about returning the Lite and purchasing Codrone Pro. Your daughter will still be able to access Snap! as well as Arduino functionality. Let me know if you have any more questions!

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  • RE: Codrone Lite - Snap app not accessible to my students

    Hi @JeffHunt ,
    I've never heard of this issue before. I tried recreating the scenario but when I logged out of one account and logged into another I was still able to have access to Snap. It seems like maybe there are some privacy settings that are preventing your students from accessing the app, either on your end or theirs. I will have to do some more research but in the meantime may I see a screenshot or video of the problem?

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  • RE: Codrone Pro won't recognize standard functions

    Hi, @Ronan1!
    In Python, using the go() function is a little bit different than in Arduino. You will need to import the Direction class separately:

    #Python code
    import CoDrone
    from CoDrone import Direction
    def main(): 
        drone = CoDrone.CoDrone()
        drone.go(Direction.FORWARD)         # Go forward for 1 second at 50% power
        drone.go(Direction.UP, 5)           # Go up for 5 seconds at 50% power
        drone.go(Direction.BACKWARD, 3, 70) # Go backwards for 3 seconds at 70% power
    if __name__ == '__main__':

    You can find the documentation here 🙂

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  • RE: Is there a way to check battery levels with snap programming on codrone lite?

    @JeffHunt ,
    Thanks for your question! You can check the battery level in Snap! using the request block and selecting BATTERY_PERCENT from the drop-down menu. I am including the link to the lesson here if you have any more questions.

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  • RE: CoDrone pair problems

    Thanks @triplemrdu for the feedback! I made a note in the lesson 🙂

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  • RE: Faulty or Damaged Motor

    Hi @johnnytechknow !

    If the motor is not spinning the most likely cause is that the motor is not making proper contact.
    Here is a list of steps from our CoDrone FAQ document that you can try:

    -Hold the CoDrone in your hand while giving the drone throttle.
    -Wobble the CoDrone motor that will not move. If it spins then the motor works but the frame cannot hold it well. This is common in drones that have crashed often. You can check how many times you have crashed in the Petrone App (iOS or Android)
    -If the motor is still not moving, remove the motor. Be careful to do this gently. Repeated, forceful removal of motors may have caused the damaged motor.
    -Lift the motor wires so that they can touch the contacts more easily. This video goes over that process.
    -Reinsert the motor and repeat step 1.
    -If your motor is still not moving then swap the motor with another one on your CoDrone. Sometimes one arm will hold a better fit for a particular motor. Make sure to switch the propellers, too!
    -If the motor continues to have issues or fall out, the CoDrone may have had a severe crash that bent the arm. Gently bend the circuit arm back into place.
    -Purchase new motors

    I hope this helps!

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    @vinodmehta I just updated your settings so you also get e-mails when we respond to you. But hopefully @robolink_carl's instructions are helpful!

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  • RE: CoDrone Pro with Python

    Hi @aaditpanchal, just checking to see if you were able to try @robolink_leila's recommendations. It seems like whatever SONYSRS-X3-SPPDev is interfering. If you want to try to pair specifically with the CoDrone BLE board, try running ```drone.pair(drone.Nearest, '/dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART') to tell it to pair specifically to the BLE board, assuming the driver is working and the board is recognized.

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  • RE: CoDrone wont hover properly

    @aaditpanchal Also, take a look at the lesson here: https://basecamp.robolink.com/cwists/preview/3725x

    It covers how to do the calibration. You want to power on the CoDrone, hold it upside down, press and hold the button for about 5 seconds or until the arms blink a bright white, then place the CoDrone on the ground so it will take off to run a calibration. You may need to give it room to run the calibration as it drifts and hopefully stabilizes.

    Give it a shot, and hopefully that helps!

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