Drone address collision

  • Hi.. I have 7 drones and two have the same address.
    Can I spoof or change the address?

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    Hello @magnus I am currently in the process of making a video on how to find the specific BLE address once I finish that video I will link you directly to it. We are also working on changing the Arduino code to not try to pair with any other CoDrone if it fails to find the one it was given the address to.

  • I uses printDroneAddress to get the address to use. I made sure that no other had the drones on but the one I wanted to autoconnect to. Once the Arduino Monitor printed the address it looked at what the other drone had and they were the same.
    I will try again to verify that it didnt have any lingering data in memory. I got some really strange behaviour when the drone was
    low on battery. I'll look deeper into it.

    thanks for the info about how the BLE Address connection works.

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    Hello @magnus, so the way the BLE address works when inserting it into the Arduino code is that it looks for it and if it cant find it, it will search another Drone. Are you using the Arduino Bluetooth address? or Python. Also, we recommend flying only 5 CoDrones at a time just to avoid the Bluetooth channel getting saturated and causing disconnections.

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