How do I keep my CoDrone from disconnecting from my laptop's bluetooth?

  • Hi all

    I'm currently working on a C# project with the CoDrone. I paired the CoDrone directly to my computer and skipped using the Robolink board entirely. Commands sent to drone work quite well, but I've had two small issues:

    First, the drone is sometimes refusing to respond to commands and then disconnecting. I know my laptop bluetooth antenna probably isn't the strongest, but I doubt this is the issue. After moving out of a 2-3 foot range of my laptop, it no longer responds, leading to it occasionally crashing into things. Any help with this? If not, is there a way I can alter the drone so on losing connection it lands? This would save me a lot of worry when the drone shoots off towards the wall and I need to rush to keep it from being damaged.

    Second, I've had some issues trimming my drone. Despite trimming it a few times, it continues to lose stability and begin wandering in directions. Now and then it works fine, so I'm beginning to think this is tied to the first issue, and it's just losing connection and continuing on a set path.

    Any help is appreciated!



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    Hey @japellet Jean Pierre, that is great to hear the code is somewhat working. Make sure that each BLE command is spaced with 50 millisecond time intervals. If you blast a bunch of BLE messages at once the Bluetooth module on the CoDrone may disconnect. Also can you post some of the code here? I would like to see and I could ask @robolink_whoseop . Also to avoid destroying the CoDrone, whenever im testing code for the first time, I hold the CoDrone in my hand from its waist and fly it in my hand. That way I can test if communication fails I can flip the CoDrone upside down and it will turn off. For the trimming please do it with the
    auto calibration and not the trim functions on CoDrone

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