Drone localization and anti-collision system request.. Addon

  • I have a suggestion of feature which would make this even greater.
    maybe two ideas ...

    1. Anti collision would be nice. Some sort of radar, rotating or fixed that can check the surrounding preventing the drone from crashing into walls.
    2. A simple form of GPS. Could be "local location system"-transmitter you put in the room and triangulate the signal. This way you could keep track of the drone in a room.

  • Those features as add-ons would be amazing!
    The drone does seem to have a bit of anti-collision for stuff below it via the optical flow sensor, although I don't think that is it's exact purpose (I think it's meant to stabilize flight). I sometimes put my hand under the drone while it's flying and act like I'm pushing it up by lifting my hand towards it but never actually touching the drone.

  • Hello @magnus, thanks for the suggestion! Folks have definitely requested this, and it's something we're trying to figure out how to do at an affordable price. Both 1 and 2 are great ideas. In order to keep it within an affordable price for teachers and students, it may take some time and clever engineering, but rest assured we've got that goal in mind. Thanks!

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