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  • Hi there.

    From the pics in the campaign, seens like you have some code editor with custom "theme" for begginers, intermidiate and expert. So I'd like to know what king of guide are you guys planning to share. Will Zumi box arrive with a manual, a coder's manual in it?

    Best regards.

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    @casadocaio ,
    There will be lessons included with Zumi! Currently, we only have the Python programming platform available, but in the future we will launch a visual/block coding platform. 🙂

  • Assembled and connected, and all codes are running great! It's a great start so far!
    Anaconda+Jupyter Notebook seems to be the current default IDE of Python, but it was not mentioned in the instructional materials.
    Since I do not have a shell for Zumi yet, I am not sure which usb port is the charging port: the ones on the top Raspbery zero board, or the one on the custom-made red circuit board? They all seems to be able to charge the battery according to the screen display. Does it mean all usb ports can be used as charging ports?

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    @victorzengyi ,
    For charging, you should primarily use the port on the red Zumi Board. Technically, all of the USB ports will work but it is not recommended, especially if you try to drive the motors. Did you not receive a shell in your packaging? 😞

  • @robolink_leila
    Thanks. I was told that the shell will be mailed separately. So I am still waiting for it.

  • administrators

    @victorzengyi If you would like me to follow up on the shell status, please fill in this form. For the replacement part, select "other" and write in "Zumi shell", and please include the link to this post for reference.

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