Broken camera/OLED mount

  • Got mine a few days ago, left a message on kickstarter and sent an email, but was asked to post here as well - so it goes.
    When I put mine together, I found that the mount was broken, I'm also the one that posted in the comment section of kickstarter that the motors had moved and weren't tight in the box - I'm guessing that is where the damage came from.
    I posted some pictures of it the day I got it, and if you zoom in on the open box, you can see it's broken.
    I didn't see it however until I tried to use it, so I've updated the pictures with the mount on the robot.
    Pictures the day I got my package:
    And the mount on the robot

    I'm hoping to get a new mount, and hoping to get it when you guys send the missing standoff.
    Thanks, LeRoy

  • administrators

    @kd8bxp ,
    Please fill out this form with your shipping information and a link to this form post for our reference. We will get a replacement out to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

  • Done -

  • Hi.

    I received my Zumi today and have exactly the same issues.

    The outer packaging seemed fine but internally things had obviously moved.

    When I looked closely the mounting for the camera had one screw point broken off. Can i please get a spare. Alternatively if there were STL files I would be happy to print my own.

    • Nathan

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    @ntomic Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Here is the link to request the replacement part. Please provide the link to this page for our reference. Thank you!

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