gyro sensor specification

  • could you teach me gyro sensor specification?
    I want to calculate angular velocity from ImuRawAndAngle datas.
    How do I get angular velocity from gyro sensor's raw data.

  • At the moment, the best route you can take is to dig in to the Bluetooth protocol documentation on Byrobot's page—they are our partner in developing the drone technology. It's rather technical, but hopefully it helps you. We can find a time to do a quick 1-hour walkthrough of it if you reach out to us at, which @arnold_robolink regularly checks.

  • Thank you for replying to me.
    I did understand that library will be updated.

    If Gyro sensor data are available by using the Snap application, that means I have method to get sensor data.

    As soon as possible, I want to write code by myself to analyze Bluetooth communication to get gyro sensor data, .
    Could you tell me Bluetooth communication data format to request gyro sensor data?

    What command do I send to CoDrone?

  • Hi @dracen! As @arnold_robolink mentioned, we're working on making the libraries easier to use to read sensor data. That should be ready within a month. Another option you can do for now is to use the Snap application. I know it's not full-on Arduino coding, but it helps you get a sense of the sensor data.

    There's a lesson on pressure sensor data and a lesson on gyro sensor data. We will definitely mention it in announcements when it's ready!

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    hello @dracen The best way I can think of doing is with the python library. Grabbing the raw Imu data has the slowest update frequency since it is the biggest message sent over the bluetooth communication protocol. We are currently in the process of making tutorials on how to extract the sensor values from the CoDrone using python and I will post those here once we are done.

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