how to estimate height of codrone from ground

  • Can I estimate Codrone's height from ground by using pressure sensor value?
    If I can, How can I?

    I want to hover the codrone with holding specific height not using controller's input.

  • @dracen Sure thing! You can find the Bluetooth communication protocol here: Byrobot is the partner we worked with in developing the drone technology. You'll find the library there, and an explanation of the protocol. It's pretty technical, but it seems like you're more than willing to dig in!

    You'll want to look at Petrone/Petrone2.0, which is the one in the middle column. The Library and the Bluetooth protocol is provided there. Hope that helps!

  • Untill top of March, I have to program CoDrone using sensor data to do result presentation.
    Even if without library, what can I do? If you release the Bluetooth communication protocol, data format and sensor specification, I can make library by myself.

    I'll be very happy If you could cooperate with us.

  • @dracen I somewhat address the question in my reply here.

    But essentially, we're working on revamping the Arduino library so that you'll be able to actually request sensor information. That should be ready mid to late March, and we'll make sure to make an announcement about it right here on the forum!

    In the meantime, you're not able to set the drone to go to a certain height, but you're able to read the height using Snap. Arduino's goToHeight() function will be available in the update.

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