how to get IR sensor value attached to Codrone's body.

  • Can I read IR sensor value via BT communication?
    By using IR sensor value, I'll make Codrone fly along with wall without collision.

    Where are IR sensor attached to Codrone? front, back, left, right?

  • Here's a sneak peek at our soon-to-be-released CoDrone Library:

  • The Snap application is using direct Bluetooth protocol via Javascript. The library we're building is relying on the Bluetooth protocol explained on Byrobot's documentation page, they're our partner that we worked with to develop the CoDrone. It's very technical, but it explains how to use the protocol to communicate with the drone. If you'd like to get it working sooner, you can definitely dig in. You'll want to look at the Petrone/Petrone 2.0 column. We should have something usable by mid to late March otherwise, so stay tuned!

    I'll also tag @arnold_robolink and @robolink_whoseop for the specific technical details, if you guys would like to expand on it.

  • Thank you to respond to me.

    I figured out that the optical flow sensor and the IR height sensor are mounted to CoDrone.
    I'll wait to be open the these sensor specification

    To use these sensor data, I have to use snap application at current stage. But Unfortunately, development environment I can use is only Arduino and processing.

    How does snap application get sensor data?

    What command can I use to request these sensor data?

    If you say that I have no choice but to wait library update, I'll do so.

    Thank you!!

  • @dracen The current model of the drone only has IR facing downward. If you turn the drone over and look at its belly, the sensor I'm pointing to in the image below is the optical flow sensor and the IR height sensor.


    In order to get the height, we're still revamping the Arduino library to provide that. In the meantime, you're able to do that using Snap, by doing a forever loop and constantly reading sensor data. Here's an example of how to do that.

    0_1519175536886_Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 12.41.37 PM.png

    You can ignore the blocks on the left. Those are just for using the keyboard as a remote control. The blocks outlined in bright green on the right are using forever loops to read sensor data, and putting those values into the variables on the right, that I've named "gyro_pitch" etc, and most importantly "altitude". That's using the IR sensor to read height. As you move the drone around, you'll notice the number changing. The units are read in millimeters, and it will read up to about 2000 mm.

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