Hi! I 'm Akinori. I'm embedded software engineer in Japan.

  • Hi! I 'm Akinori.
    I'm embedded software engineer in Japan.

    In my college days, I was part of robot contest team. My duty was to develope electric circuit and robot programming.

    After graduated colledge, I have developed car electrical parts and air conditioners 5 years.

    At this time, we use codrone pro for freshman's embedded system development education.

    codrone is very nice selection for education. If I can get more information about codrone's specification (ex. how to get sensor data, and how to use those sensor data effectevly), codrone will be used more widely.

    Thank you to develope exciting products!

  • It is very exciting and wonderful to have technical exchange with other users on such a forum. I hope the library will be updated soon and development using drone will be more exciting.

  • @dracen Hello Akinori! Welcome to the new Robolink Community! That's really exciting to see how you're using CoDrone at college-level courses! I'll make sure to get answers to the questions you posted about sensors when the week starts (it's still Sunday over here 😛 )

    We're currently updating our library to make it much easier to read sensor data so that you'll be able to analyze that data. Right now, we're aware the support for how to do that is very unclear. We're planning to have that ready by mid-late March. We'll make sure to make announcements about that in the announcements section, so stay tuned!

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