please teach us available sensor data

  • Under the condition firmware Version48.18 is applied to CoDrone,
    which sensor data are available?

    Although I request sensor data using Library's API such as Request_ImuRawAndAngle(),
    these sensor data are not send back from CoDrone to Controller.


    Only Attitude is available.
    If request Attitude data, CoDrone send back it's actual Attitude data.

    Based on CoDrone-LINK_05_28-1.pdf document,
    could you teach us available sensors?

    I've confused to debug software with reading CoDrone-LINK_05_28-1.pdf document.

    As soon as I can, I want to know above information due to our education schedule.

    Thank you in advance to cooperate with us.

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    Hello @dracen the easiest way to pull information of the CoDrone aside from using snap, is with the python libraries. The setup for CoDrone with python does not use the Arduino compatible remote. We are still working on making the tutorials for using and installing python, but I can share with you an example of how you would be able to request data.

    from CoDrone.codrone import *
    #create these to store variables globally
    rollAngle =0
    yawAngle =0
    pitchAngle =0
    def eventUpdateAttitude(data):
        global rollAngle, pitchAngle, yawAngle
        rollAngle =data.roll
        pitchAngle = data.pitch
        yawAngle = data.yaw
    #creates drone object
    drone = CoDrone(True, False, False, False, False)
    #set the event handler
    drone.setEventHandler(DataType.Imu, eventUpdateAttitude)
        #request for the angle data
        sleep(0.05)#make sure to have a delay
        print("Roll:",rollAngle, " Yaw:", yawAngle," Pitch:",pitchAngle)

  • Please reach out to us at, we should be able to schedule some help with you to make a workaround solution before the library update is ready. @arnold_robolink will be checking that e-mail.

  • I did understand that library will be updated and most of sensor data is going to be available.
    To tell the truth, at beginning of March, we will hold the result presentation of programming using CoDrone.

    I wish I had made it in time.

    Are there things what I can do to get sensor data?
    I have no choice but wait library update?

  • @dracen Apologies for the confusion. The library update we're working on for mid to late March will be able to read out most of the sensor data you listed. We're cleaning up the library and working on a more clear and thorough documentation so that it will be much clearer which functions are available.

    If you're able to share, what is your education schedule, just so we're aware?

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