STEM Grant Opportunities

  • Hi folks! One of the questions we often get from educators is what grants they can apply for to use with Robolink products and other products to build makerspaces at their school. Here's a solid list of grants that may be applicable for you.

    This one was compiled by the awesome folks at Wonder Workshop: STEM Grants and Funding Resources

    Edventures also has a nice list: Funding opportunities for STEM Education

    If you have additional questions, please ask us here. Especially @robolink_kristen, our Director of Education.

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  • We're working on finding all of the grants that can help you get Robolink products into your learning environment, and once we have all of that in a beautiful blog post, that will be updated here. In the meantime, I just found a huge list of STEM grant opportunities and grant writing services on the STEMfinity website. They're one of our distributors, and we trust and love them.

    Like Wes said, if you need help or have any questions, please let me know!

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