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    I'm a teacher and my class has a full set of CoDrone Pro drones for each of my 25 students. I'd like them to all be able to fly their drones at the same time for some scientific investigations we want to perform in class. Trouble is, when we try to pair each individual remote (that they've already built) with a specific drone; either they connect with a drone that's not theirs or once they are paired to the correct drone, it seems I have to unpair that connection to successfully upload code. My goal is to pair each remote with only one drone, and I've tried to do this by uploading code that includes the drone address. Perhaps, my Arduino Sketch is written incorrectly. Any guidance would be phenomenal! Thank you.

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    @cariwilliamz I have a class to teach at 1pm today and Friday I’m out of the office but I will be available Thursday 10am-5pm PST?

  • @robolink_arnold I did not receive the email. I can do today after 1pm or Friday after 1 pm

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    Hello @CariWilliamz can we setup a video call this week? I sent you an email you can respond there if you would like.

  • I'm going to start this as a new topic, so we can address the 5+ drones specifically.

  • @cariwilliamz Thanks for the feedback, we've dealt with the same issue ourselves, and have had instructors bring this issue up, too—similar thing, 5 seems to be the threshold where things get hairy. So it's an issue we're currently working to address by examining how we do the connection. Let me defer to @robolink_arnold for working around this issue for connecting to specific addresses, since he's our veteran CoDrone instructor.

  • @robolink_wes

    Much appreciated! I was thinking that the Bluetooth module had to be blinking red in order for it to be in upload mode properly. So I'd take out the battery (of the drone) and disrupt the connection - I know, silly!!!! But now I realize that once the remote has established a connection with a certain drone, the blinking yellow light on the bluetooth module appears to mean that an upload is taking place while it is still connected to that particular drone. Thanks, again!

  • @robolink_wes Hi there. I am actually experiencing similar problems. I am piloting several classes in the Tustin Unified School District and have purchased many CoDrones. We are about to move forward at three more schools next year if we can figure out this issue. We are finding that everything works fine when there are 2-5 CoDrones in a room. But once there is more than that there are big problems.

    I set each one up myself, found their unique addresses, and connected them all on my own before giving them to students.

    Now some will not connect at all. I am troubleshooting to figure out if some of the drones got mixed up and am finding that the same address will connect to several different drones.

    The addresses are very similar to one another. Can they be changed? Could this be the issue?

  • Hi @gregoryconely, welcome! Sorry to hear you're having trouble. We've found that Bluetooth often has this problem when there are several devices in the same space, so issues with disconnection will appear more often with a large number of drones. This is something we're working on resolving!

    In the meantime, what we do is pair the remotes one-to-one prior to the class, going through this tutorial about pairing with a specific drone. That way, during your setup() function, you're actually running a connection to the specific drone address. Like so:

    void setup(){
        byte droneAddress[6] = {0xEC, 0x3F, 0xE5, 0xC2, 0xB5, 0xD0};
          //This will be replaced with your CoDrone's unique address
        CoDrone.AutoConnect(AddressInputDrone, droneAddress);

    You'll be able to see in the step #5 of that lesson how to find your unique address in the serial monitor.

    Then, if you're having issues reconnecting, we recommend grabbing the drone and remote and stepping behind a closet or just outside the classroom until the drone's tail light turns solid green. Hopefully that's helpful!

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