Wheel Spinning Issue

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    I'm doing a training session for students to learn Rokit Smart bots. We are using the mouse bot build. My robot is working as intended but some of the student's robots are having issues.

    1. when putting the robot into upload mode the robot's left wheel will spin and will continue spinning while the LED light is flashing to indicate code is ready to be uploaded. Sometimes the wheel will stop spinning when the LED light starts flashing. Regardless, the wheel will spin every time the

    2. When uploading code that only uses the Buzz() function and no driving functions, the robots right wheel starts spinning for about 2-3 seconds while sound is playing. It usually stops but there is no code telling that wheel to spin

    Both of these issues happen when uploading code from my own computer as well as the student's computer to the broken bot. I tried uploading from the student's computer to my bot and my bot still doesn't have these issues. This issue is happening to multiple bots as well. It seems like about half of the students are having this issue.

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    @shoon I will have someone contact you via the email associated with your forum account to set up a support call with you. We have not seen this issue before.

  • @robolink_leila I got a hold of the remaining 42 bots we have. 40 of them have the same issues shown in the videos I posted. 2 of the bots didn't seem to have the issue.

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    @shoon Thank you for attaching these videos and images. We will review it and get back to you as soon as possible!

  • @robolink_leila 2_1611868900875_image2.jpg 1_1611868900874_image1.jpg 0_1611868900873_image0.jpg

    I was able to bring one of the student's bots back with me. In messing with it it seems like the bottom IR sensors are triggering the wheel to spin. Other student's bots seemed to have their wheels start spinning when they clicked 'upload' in Arduino. Others said it happened at random but it could have been their IR sensors causing the wheels to spin, I'm not too sure.

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChC9vf3Ylpg

    This link shows the wheels spinning in upload mode when I move my hand over the bottom IR sensors.

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7qkZY_UZIU

    This video shows that the problem persists when running code on the robot. I included a SmartInventor.DCMotorClose(); function call in the setup of this program as well and the wheel still spins.

    When running code to do line-read programs, obstacle avoidance programs, or simple drive function programs I'm not able to get the wheels to spin through the bottom IR sensors. Only in upload mode and sound only programs does this happen.

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    @shoon First, can you send a picture of one of your setup so we can check for visible defects. Second, do you have any issues running the code after it's been uploaded?

  • Update: The wheels also spin when running the smart inventor recovery code

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