Arduino IDE for Visual Studio 2017!

  • Hello, just wanted to share with the community this wonderful extension for Visual Studio 2017 that allows you to use Arduino IDE features (uploading code, serial monitor, etc...) alongside all the greatness Visual Studio has to offer such as auto-complete (intellisense).

    Arduino IDE for Visual Studio - Download Link

    Visual Studio 2017 - Download Link

    Personally for me, It makes Arduino coding much easier.
    For people new to Visual Studio, VS may be a bit intimidating, however once you get the basics down it's one of the most beautiful development tools that can improve your quality of life in my opinion (and not just for Arduino coding!).


    Note: The extension may ask you about buying a license when uploading code, however you aren't required to actually make a purchase. Just start the trial and at the end of your trial you're still able to use it.
    If you do enjoy this extension then it would be nice to consider purchasing a license to support the developers but it isn't a requirement to continue using the extension.
    This is similar to WinRAR in regards to the purchase of a license. My WinRAR has been on trial for over 10+ years 🤣 (one day Ill purchase it as a thank you to the WinRAR developers!)

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    this is so cool! visual basics been around for a while hasn't it?

  • oh snap

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    @Loui2 This is awesome thanks for the share!

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